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About Us

Van Der Elst Attorneys Inc.

Attorneys, Notaries, Conveyancers

The firm has 86 employees and subscribes to the philosophy of empowering employees through skill transfer and personal development. In addition, meritorious learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds interested in reading law are assisted with vacation work and possible job opportunities based on merit.

We Practice As;

  • Attorney
  • Notary
  • Mediator
  • Conveyancer


The firm’s vision is to identify the opportunities offered by a young and dynamic democracy and to contribute to the principle of Ubuntu as representatives of the legal fraternity in South Africa.

Mission Statement

In order to achieve this vision, the firm is dedicated to the following principles;

  • To view our clients as business partners
  • To be pro-active in addressing our clients’ needs
  • To add value to our clients by rendering customized service solutions.
  • To be a service and results oriented firm


The firm believes that our staff is our biggest asset. We therefore invest in our colleagues on a continuous basis by sending them on courses to stay abreast of any changes in the legal field, such as new and amended legislation. Staff are also subsidized should they wish to further their studies in their respective fields of expertise.

Maintaining Our Edge

Furthermore, the firm regularly updates its technology to improve its service to our business partners and to contribute to the creation of a paperless environment. Our modern electronic equipment facilitates super-efficient communication between our offices and our clients. In instances, where original documents are to be delivered, this service is rendered by 17 vehicles, which are manned on a 24-hour basis.


The principle of service excellence is firmly rooted in our firm’s ethos.


Knowledge – Dedication – Service